Powles, William Henry (stage name Harry Ball) 1841-10.oct.1888 Wales Breconshire, Builth - England, Manchester Monsall
singer, violinist, comedian, 1860 pottery decorator for the Royal Worcester China Works, 1865 left Worcester to manage a small music hall in Gloucester, 1868 chairman of St Georges Music Hall in Nottingham, when the popularity of his daughter Tilly spread, he gave up St Georges Hall to tour with his daughter, billed as 'Harry Ball the tramp musician with his wonderful performing dog Fathead' and 'The great and original temperance band comedian and vocalist', he died at Monsall near Manchester while residing at 3 Braithwaite Road in Birmingham Sparkbrook ; 19.aug.1862 in Whittington near Worcester he married Matilda Broughton (Worcester 1842-15.apr.1901 Birmingham) ; daughter music hall artist Vesta Tilley (nee Matilda Alice Powles) (Worcester 13.may.1864-16.sep.1952 London)

Title Parts

[] The Newmarket Coat. Baritone and piano. 1882
Peter Savidge, Jennifer Partridge. Just Accord Music 001

[] The temperance band. Song
sung with immense success by W. Randall
words and music Harry Ball,
pub B. Williams, London 1872

[] Sir Garnet will show them the way. Song
words G. Horncastle
subject: Sir Garnet Wolseley and the Zulu war 1879
pub Howard & Co., London 1879

[] Here's luck to a jolly old pal. Song
pub H. Beresford, Birmingham 1880

[] Oh Caroline. Song
sung by Vesta Tilley
words and music Harry Ball, orchestration E. Jonghmans
pub Howard & Co., London 1881

[] You dream of me, love, and I'll dream of you. Song
words J. F. Mitchell
pub C. Sheard, London 1881

[] Quite a toff in my Newmarket Coat. Song
words and music Harry Ball, orchestration Frederick W. Humphries
pub H. Beresford, Birmingham 1882

[] Friends of my youthful days. Song
sung with unbounded success by Vesta Tilley
words Herbert Cole, orchestration H. Masseder
pub H. Beresford, Birmingham 1886

[] British valour. Song
words S. Norton, arrangement & symphony by Frederick W. Humphreys
pub H. Beresford, Birmingham 1886

[] When will Old England be herself once more
written by F. V. St Clair, sung by Vesta Tilley
pub W. J. Willcocks & Co., London 1892

[] I'm mourning for Jemima. Song
[] What in the name of goodness is England coming to today. Song
[] Katie trips the dell. Song
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