Ball, Rae Eleanor (fem) 23.feb.1886-6.mar.1967 USA Ohio, Cleveland - Illinois, Chicago Riverside
violinist, arranger, billed as 'ougt to become one of the world's famous violinists' (Empress Theatre Butte Montana 12.mar.1912), 'the girl with braids to her knees' (Majestic Theatre Milwaukee 6.nov.1914), 'played uncommonly well winning generous applause after each number' (Keith's Vaudeville Theatre Indianapolis 11.may.1915), 'princess of the violin' (Orpheum Lincoln Nebraska 17.feb.1918) ; daughter of day laborer Michael J Ball (Ireland 22.oct.1841-21.oct.1909 Cleveland) and Catherine Cannon (Ireland 1845-23.aug.1923 New York Flushing)

Title Parts

[] Gonconagh. Irish fantasia. Violin and piano. op1
copyright Rae Eleanor Ball, Cleveland Ohio 29nov1912

[] Creole serenade. Violin and piano
pub Carl Fischer, New York 16oct1922
pub Carl Fischer, New York 4jun1923 (sheet music edition)

[] Gipsy love song. Violin and piano. 1923
piano part by Henri Maurice Jacquet (1885-1954)

[] Rufus on the Old Kent Road. Violin and piano
copyright Rae Eleanor Ball, New York City 24nov1924

[] Minuet no2 in G. Violin and piano
piano part by Henri Miro (1879-1950)

[] Ave Maria
? arr of Charles Gounod

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