Ballivian Coll, Adolfo 15.nov.1831-14.feb.1874 Bolivia, La Paz - Sucre
pianist, he traveled widely, 1847 when his father was toppled from power and exiled, he was forced to flee Bolivia and lived abroad until 1855, 1873 while in Europe he was elected president of Bolivia and sworn in on 9.may.1873, he died aged 43 from stomach cancer ; son of general Jose Ballivian 1841-1847 president of Bolivia, died 1855 while in exile in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Title Parts

[] Atahualpa. Opera
not staged in Bolivia

[] El Torbellino. Polka. Piano. op37
pub Paris and London 1873

[] Suenos de color rosa. Berceuse. Piano. op53
pub Paris and London 1873

[] Marcha militar. Piano
pub London 1873

[] Galopa para piano
pub London 1873

[] Sueno de rosas. Valse. Piano
[] Polka para piano
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