Ballmann, Heinrich 1856-1922 Austria Tyrol, Hall - Vorarlberg, Feldkirch
jurist, was like his father a great musical talent and composed songs, church music and piano music, 1894 k. k. bezirks-gerichts-adjunct (district court assistant) in Dornbirn, 1894-1920 member and mandate of Museum Ferdinandeum (Tiroler Landesmuseum) Innsbruck, 1900-1910 bezirksrichter (district judge) and 1920 oberlandesgerichtsrat (county high court judge) in Feldkirch, he left the largest and historically most important collection of musical manuscripts and prints mainly collected by his father which now forms the core of the music collection of the Tiroler Landesmuseum ; son of composer Alois Ballmann

Title Parts

[] Messe in Gmoll fur 4 singstimmen und orchester. Mass in g. Mixed choir and orchestra (parts for soloists missing)
von Heinrich Ballmann, manu propria 1874 im Aug. 21
autograph ms of 1874 Pfarrkirche St Nikolaus, Hall in Tirol Austria
[] 1 - Kyrie. Grave
[] 2 - Gloria. Allegretto quasi andantino
[] 3 - Credo. Andante
[] 4 - Sanctus. Largo
[] 5 - Benedictus. Andante
[] 6 - Agnus Dei. Adagio
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