Ballmuller, Eduard f1853-f1860 Germany, ?Dresden - ?, ?
pianist, studied piano from an early age, studied composition, he became a virtuoso pianist, traveled abroad and gave concerts but had never earned a living, he tried to earn a living from piano teaching and spent over a year in Paris but did not succeed because the market was flooded with virtuosos, pianists, violinists and other ists, he decided to become barber and learned hairdressing from a coiffeur in Paris, 1856 back in Dresden as still a young man he took over a barbershop with clientele, among this clientele was his own music publisher, when this Dresden publisher told this story to the music journalist Ernst Kossak (1814-1880) who visited the publisher's shop in search of new piano music and informed about the composer of L'Arpeggio who was totally unknown to him, he bought his L'Arpeggio and after playing it at the shop he judged 'he made the right decision'

[this biography is derived from the ironical Historietten von Ernst Kossak, Berlin, Fransz Stage, 1856]

Title Parts

[] L'Arpeggio. Grande etude de concert. Piano. op12
pub Gerster und Co., Dresden 1853
this 1853 publication includes a portrait of the composer
pub C. A. Klemm, Leipzig & Dresden

[] Grosser Siegesmarsch. Wind orchestra. c1860. op31
ms Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin

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