Baltasar (Baltazar) Salvatella, Pelegrin Jose Narcis 12.aug.1813-1900 Spain Gerona, Gerona - Argentina, Buenos Aires
pianist, organist, on the day of his birth baptized as Pelegri Joseph Narcis at the Cathedral of Gerona as son of Joseph Baltasar (Baltazar) and Maria Salvatella, 1833-1838 organist of Santa Iglesia in Gerona, 1838 moved to Rio de la Plata Argentina, 1839 as pianist and professor active in Montevideo Uruguay, 1852 pianist and organist at Iglesia San Telmo in Buenos Aires, 1855 founded a singing school in Buenos Aires, 1882 he contributed articles on the history of music to 'La Gaceta Musical' in Buenos Aires, 1888 professor of music at Consejo Nacional de Educacion in Buenos Aires

[Baltasar Saldoni 1868 gives erroneously Pelegrin, Baltasar]

Title Parts

[] Psalmodia. Pieces for organ (1833-1838)
mss in Santa Iglesia Cathedral Gerona

[] El paso del molino. Minuet. Piano. 1839
[] La lagrima. Voice and piano. 1848
[] Los serenos. Choir. 1868
[] Mazurca. Piano. 1877
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