Baltramiejunaite, Jurate (fem) 23.sep.1952- Lithuania, ?
pianist, 1960-1971 studied piano with Irena Sakuraite at the J. Naujalis Music School in Kaunas, 1973-1979 studied piano with Mariam Azizbekova and composition with Julius Juzeliunas at the Lithuanian Academy of Music, 1980 teacher at Vilnius Conservatory

Title Parts

[] Piano concerto
[] Piano quintet "Gireleje". 2000
[] Kaip maza pilka zylute. Voice and piano. 1985
words O. Pempienes

[] Ten vasaros buna malonios. Voice and piano. 1987
words L. Degesio

[] Labus vakarus judabro. Choir. 1990
words L. Gutausko

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