Baly, William 18.jun.1825-4.jun.1891 England, Warwick - Exeter
studied with Mr. Clayton of Warwick, 1843-1848 studied piano with Sterndale Bennett and harmony with Cipriani Potter at the Royal Academy of Music in London, elected Associate, then Fellow RAM, resided for some years in London and taught harmony at the Harley Street College for Ladies, 1853 settled in Exeter, taking over the teaching connection of Kellow Pye, conductor of the Exeter Oratorio Society concerts for one year and conductor of the Madrigal Society for fifteen years, his last concert took place 29.may.1884 ; 9.apr.1849 at Christchurch St Marylebone he married pianist 1849 Adelaide Charlotte Byrn (London 1824-8.jul.1910 Exeter)

Title Parts

[] Symphony in E flat
performed at Hanover Square Rooms, 10 July 1847 and at the City of London Institute, April 1848

[] Macbeth. Concert overture. 1848
[] As you like it. Concert overture. 1848
[] Minuet. Chamber orchestra
[] String quartet in A
[] Sweet and low. Partsong
performed by the Exeter Madrigal Society 1885

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