Bampton, Ruth (fem) 7.mar.1902-19.sep.1985 USA Massachusetts, Boston - California, Los Angeles Pomona
organist, choral conductor, 1927 diploma and 1931 BM from New England Conservatory Boston, 1933 Master of Sacred Music from Union Theological Seminary in New York, 1934-1938 studied at the Eastman School of Music, 1920-1928 studied piano with Frances L Grover in Boston, 1925-1927 organ with Albert W Snow in Boston, 1930 with Marcel Dupre in Paris and 1931-1933 with Clarence Dickinson in New York, 1928-1930 composition with Nadia Boulanger in Paris, 1928-1930 taught at Vermont Seminary in Montpelier, 1935-1943 at Beaver College in Glenside, 1943-1964 at the Polytechnic High School in Pasadena ; daughter of George Frederick Bampton (Boston 19.sep.1875-) and Louise R Crombie (NH Derry 5.may.1874-) ; she never married

Title Parts

[] Homage to the Christ Child. 1938
[] Blow golden trumpets. 1946
[] Lullabye. 1948
words William Blake

[] Life has loveliness to sell. 1949
[] Choral responses. 1949
[] Songs of Bethlehem. 1949
[] The selfish giant. Children's play. 1948
libretto Vivian Young

[] The miracle of Jean the juggler. Children's play. 1949
libretto Vivian Young

[] The magic handmill. Children's play. 1950
libretto Vivian Young

[] Love came down at Christmas. Voice and organ or piano. 1961
words Christina Georgina Rossetti

[] In honor of mother. Voice and piano or organ
pub H. W. Gray Co., New York

[] A Christmas antiphony. Soprano, baritone and piano
pub H. W. Gray Co., New York

[] A Celtic prayer. Soprano. alto, baritone and piano or organ
pub H. W. Gray Co., New York

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