Bancroft, Silas Atkins 14.aug.1823-18.nov.1886 USA Massachusetts, Boston - Boston
organist, teacher, professor of music, 1847 with William Mason he edited the 'Social Glee Book', 1870-1886 organist and music teacher at his studio 147 Tremont Street/Temple Place Boston, 1880 still single and living at his parents home 37 Lynde, together with his single sister Martha and two servants ; son of dry goods merchant Jacob Bancroft (Groton 25.aug.1791-25.aug.1880 Boston, on his birthday) and the daughter of navy captain Robert Gray, Martha Howland Gray (31.may.1798-jun.1880 Boston) who married 29.oct.1822 in Boston ; Silas and his sister Martha G Bancroft (Boston sep.1824-a1910 Boston) both never married

Title Parts

[] The troubadour quick step. The favorite air of Gaily the troubadour as performed by the bands attached to the British regiments at Gibralter. Piano
pub G. P. Reed, Boston 1845

[] Le Desir. Waltz. Introduction and variations on Beethoven's celebrated waltz Le Desir, for piano forte
pub S. Brainard's Sons, Cleveland 1847

[] The band march, arranged for the piano forte
pub G. E. Blake, Philadelphia

[] Benedictus
in "Anthem Leaflets 16" published by J. Curwen & Sons Ltd., London

[] The social glee book. Being a selection of glees and part songs, by distinguished German composers, never before published in this country, together with original pieces by William Mason and Silas A. Bancroft. 4vv Mixed choir
with William Mason of New York
pub Wilkins, Carter & Co., Boston 1847
pub Mason & Law, New York 1853

[] The national lyre. A new collection of sacred music, consisting of psalm and hymn tunes, with a choice selection of sentences, anthems and chants, designed for the use of choirs, congregations, and singing schools. By Samuel Parkman Tuckermann, Silas A. Bancroft and Henry K. Oliver
pub Wilkins, Carter & Co., Boston 1848

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