Band, Margaret Louise (fem) 10.jan.1896-16.may.1988 England Derbyshire, Belper - Surrey, Albury
pianist, teacher piano and harmony, 8.mar.1896 baptized at St Peter's Church in Belper, 1902-1911 grew up in South Shields Durham, studied piano privately and at the Royal Academy of Music in London, 9.jul.1920 she returned from a trip to Egypt, 1930-1932 residing at 28 Grove End Road near London Zoo, 1933-1965 piano teaching studio with singing teacher Dorothea Crompton at 102 Fellows Road near London Zoo, 1962-1972 residing at Downderry West View Farley Green in Albury, her recreations were painting, agriculture, horticulture and sylviculture ; daughter of master mariner John Oliver Band (Belper 1869-) and Margaret Morrell (Belper 1868-) ; she never married

Title Parts

[] Just for fun, a keyboard harmony book for piano
pub Augener, London 1935

[] On we go. Piano
[] Ann's tunes book I & II. Piano
[] Piano playing & music making book I & II. Piano study
pub Augener, London

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