Bandettini Landucci, Teresa (fem) 12.aug.1763-5.apr.1837 Italy, Lucca - Lucca
dancer, poet, librettist, 1782 performed at a theatre in Florence, upto 1789 she casted the scenes as admired dancer, leaving the stage after her marriage, besides writing poetry she did translations from the greek, french and latin ; ? sister of Germano Bandettini (Lucca 1756-13.mar.1835 Lucca) from 25.feb.1785 cellist of the cappella musicale di Lucca ; 1789 in Udine she married Vincenzo Landucci of Lucca

Title Parts

[] Al furor d'avversa sorte. Voice and piano
words Pietro Metastasio
ms header: La Bandettini. Poesia del Metastasio - ? music by Teresa Bandettini
ms Santini Bibliothek, Munster Germany

[] La caduta dei giganti. Scena lirica. Teatro di Corte, Modena 16jul1814
music Antonio Gandini
libretto Teresa Bandettini

[] Odenato e Zenobia. Opera seria. Teatro Nobile, Crema 1795
music Vincenzo Federici
libretto Teresa Bandettini

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