Bandin, captain ? 17??-f1771 ?England, ? - ?, ?

[not captain Nicolas Baudin (France Ile de Re, Saint-Martin-de-Re 17.feb.1754-16.sep.1803 Mauritius) who sailed the globe 1800-1803]

Title Parts

[] Here lies John Trott by trade a bum, when he dy'd, the devil cry'd. Catch. 1771
text from the tomb-stone inscription for baillif John Trott, somewhere in Great Britain, first published in The Comic Miscellany 1756
ms British Library London

it was published again as part of Collection of catches and glees, selected and transcribed by W. P. Windus 1802
ms University of Glasgow, from the music collection of William Euing (1788-1874) Glasgow insurance broker

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