Bandini, Pietro 27.feb.1847-6.may.1929 Italy Siena, Chiusi - Valdichiana, Sarteano
pianist, bandmaster, originated from an ancient Sienese noble family, until 1863 studied in Chiusi, 1863 moved to Florence, 1864-30.jan.1872 graduated as piano teacher, composer and bandmaster from Istituto Musicale, 16.mar.1872-1878 teacher at the music school of Sarteano and conductor of the city band, 1878-1890 conductor of banda di Pienza and teacher piano at Conservatorio femminile in Pienza, 1890 moved permanently to Sarteano in the palace at Porta Monalda owned by the Fraticelli family, 1891 he became councilor and 1899-1901 deputy of Sarteano ; son of Domenico di Angelo and Lorenza Brilli ; 13.oct.1882 he married Caterina Buoni widow Fraticelli (died 1896) ; daughters Alaide (1886-) and Ede (1887-) ; 19.feb.1900 he married Fulvia Tribolini widow Margottini Guidarelli ; son Domenico (1900-)

[publisher Josef Butz gives his name erroneously as Pierre Bandini and his dates erroneously as 1882-1938]

Title Parts

[] Toccata in G. Organ
Theo Theunissen at Garrels and Meere organ Jacobikerk Utrecht. Domstad Orgelcollectief 12052001

[] Toccate per organo. 5 Toccatas for organ
edited by Giuseppe Lucca and Serge Schoonbroodt
published as 5 Toccaten "Musica in Valdichiana", Josef Butz Verlag, Sankt Augustin Germany 1994
this publication gives the composer name erroneously as Pierre Bandini and his life dates erroneously as 1882-1938
it was published with correct name and life dates by G. Lucca, Armelin Musica, Padua 2001
[] 1 - Toccata in D per l'elevazione. 1913
[] 2 - Toccata in A per l'elevazione. 1914
[] 3 - Toccata in F per l'offertorio. 1916
[] 4 - Toccata in G al postcommunio (in Messa da Requiem). 1916
[] 5 - Toccata al postcommunio. 1917
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