Banister, John sr c1625-3.oct.1679 England, London - London
violinist, 1660 member of the 24 Violins of the king ; father of John jr. ; ?brother of Jafery

Title Parts

4 Ariel songs for The Tempest. Countertenor and lute. 1673
Robin Blaze, Elisabeth Kenny. Hyperion 67129
1 - Come unto these yellow sands
2 - Go thy way
3 - Dry those eyes
4 - Full fathom five
[] The Tempest or the enchanted island. Dorset Gardens 1674
John Banister contributed 4 Ariel songs (see above)
Act I scene I. music by Mathew Locke, Pietro Reggio, Mathew Locke
Act I scene II. music by John Banister, Robert Johnson, John Banister
Act II scene II. music by Henry Purcell
Act III scene III. music by John Banister, Mathew Locke
Act IV scene III. muic by Nicola Matteis, James Hart
Act V scene I. music by Robert Johnson
Sospiri Ardenti. Ellen Delehanty soprano and recorder, Julie Comparini m, Daniel Swenberg lute, Geert Van Gele harpsichord and recorder
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