Bannister, Mary Jeanne Hoggard (fem) 14.mar.1932-8.jan.2005 USA NY, Brooklyn - North Carolina, Huntersville
pianist, 1935 grew up in Julian Oklahoma, began piano study at age four and composition in childhood, 1952 BM from Oklahoma City University where she studied piano with Nancy Laughbaum Ragsdale, 1954 MM in piano performance with Soulima Stravinsky from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, 1956-1958 studied composition with Robert Kelly, did PhD graduate study and was staff accompanist at the University of Illinois, 1951 won the Silver Letzeiser medal and 1952 the Louis C Mersfelder award in Oklahoma City, 1959-2003 teacher piano and composition in Rochester Monroe NY, she died during a visit or stay with family in Huntersville ; daughter of Methodist pastor/canon/rector Calvin Clide Hoggard (Indiana, Purcell 4.jan.1906-21.oct.1988 Rochester) and Mary Helen Gibbs (Texas, Huntsville 11.may.1906-27.nov.2000 Rochester) ; 29.dec.1953 at St John's Episcopal Church in Tulsa Oklahoma she married University of Rochester professor Thomas Turpin Bannister (New Jersey 20.apr.1930-) ; they had 2 sons

Title Parts

[] Suite no1. Orchestra
[] Piano concerto
[] Piano quintet
[] String quartet no1
[] String quartet no2
[] String quartet no3
[] Violin duo
[] Trio. Clarinet, cello and piano
[] Sonata no1. Piano
[] Sonata no2. Piano
[] Sonata number 3 in one movement. Piano. 1964
copyright music Mary Jeanne Hoggard Bannister 28dec1974

[] Sonata no4. Piano
[] Modal music for piano. Compositions from the 4th to the 20th centuries for adult students in their 1st year of piano study
copyright text, transcriptions and some music, Mary Jeanne Hoggard Bannister 22sep1976

[] Mass for the Episcopal church
[] Rochester suite. Piano
her last composition
pub Zimbel Press
[] 1 - Parade
[] 2 - Fishing
[] 3 - Fireworks
[] 4 - Friend
[] 5 - Slow dance
(details unknown). numerous works for organ and choir [Cohen 1987]
nothing seems to have been published

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