Bar, Aimable Desire 3.aug.1836-16.jul.1892 France Nord Pas-de-Calais, Wambrechies - Lille
bassoonist, 1856 1er prix bassoon at Ecole de Musique in Lille, 1866-1892 professor of music at Ecole de Musique in Lille, 1866 appointed professor of preparatory music theory replacing the promoted Louis Delannoy (died Lille 1869-), 1872 on the death of Pierre Louis Baumann (Lille 19.nov.1796-7.dec.1872 Lille) he became responsible for the bassoon class, 1885 the bassoon class was given to Rene Brisy (Lille 24.jul.1856-) and he became teacher elementary music theory again, he was decorated Officier d'Academie ; son of locksmith Pierre Joseph Bar (Lille 29.nov.1812-16.feb.1858 Lille) and Marie Clementine Joseph Duflot (Cantaing 7.apr.1814-31.may.1873 Lille) ; 3.feb.1864 in Lille he married laundress Alphonsine Augustine Parent (Lille 8.feb.1839-14.dec.1926 Lille)]

[Stieger partly confused him with librettist Pierre Alexandre de Bar (France Pas-de-Calais, Montreuil-sur-Mer 14.jul.1821-16.may.1914 Paris Issy-les-Moulineaux) ; draftsman of 'Le Monde illustre' Paris, painter, illustrator, engraver, 1873 residing at 106 rue La Fontaine in Paris Auteuil, 1890 residing at 10 Rue de Chevreuse ; he married Henriette Olga Daragon]

Title Parts

[] Le rendez-vous d'Amandine. Opera comique. Grand Theatre, Lille feb1879
libretto Adolphe Faure (exclusively active as librettist, 1863 in Paris, 1875-1883 in Lille)

music erroneously attributed to Faure [Opern-Handbuch 1887, Hugo Riemann]
music correctly attributed to Bar [Dictionnaire des Operas (1904), Felix Clement (1822-1885), revised and updated Arthur Pougin 1904]
music correctly attributed to Bar [Stieger]

the music of the following operetta is erroneously attributed to Bar by Stieger
[] Dans la rue. Operetta. Rochefort 21dec1898
this is actually a performance of the following operetta :

[] Dans la rue. Operetta. Bouffes-Parisiens, Paris 8sep1859
music Louis Henri Jean Caspers (Paris 2oct1825-1906)
libretto Edouard Theodore Nicole "Leonce" (1823-1900), acteur des Bouffes and Alexandre de Bar (1821-1908) dessinateur du "Monde illustre"

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