Bar-Am, Benjamin (Behrmann/Berman, Bernhard) 20.jul.1923-19.feb.2012 Germany, Wiesbaden - Israel, ?
critic, musicologist, 1936 emigrated to Israel Palestine, studied composition with Paul Ben-Haim, 1949-1951 studied at the Ecole Normale de Paris, 1977 BA in musicology from Tel-Aviv University, 1958-1995 music critic for the Jerusalem Post, 1973-1996 lecturer for courses on Jewish music and Israeli contemporary music Tel-Aviv University, creator of the archive of Israeli music at the National Library of Israel, 1980 chair of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) in Israel

Title Parts

[] Petite suite. Recorder and harpsichord. 1967
[] Symphony. 1992
[] Sonata. Flute and piano
[] My heart is steadfast. Cantata. Alto and mixed choir
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