Baraldi, Paolo (Paul) 1821-a1881 Italy, ? - ?USA Maryland, Baltimore or Italy
musician, music teacher, 17.nov.1874 as laborer he traveled alone on the ship Baltic from Liverpool to New York, 26.feb.1875 his wife and six children followed on the ship France from Le Havre, 1876 residing with his wife and children at 105 West Biddle Street in Baltimore where he was professor of singing at the Peabody Institute, 1878-1880 music teacher at 38 Pleasant Street in Baltimore, 1881 professor of singing at Marini's Hall in Baltimore, nothing can be traced of him after 1881, he may have died or returned to Italy 1882 ; he married Aguilo (Spain 1822-) ; son shipbroker Louis (Spain 1854-1905/1920 Manhattan), son artist painter (decorator of the ceiling of the Capitol in Washington and numerous churches throughout the USA) Ferdinand (Italy 1856-2.may.1921 Philadelphia), daughter Albina (1857-), daughter violinist and primadonna (1876 already a famous violinist and 1880-1885 teacher at Peabody Institute) Elise/Eliza/Lisa (Italy 1858-), daughter Guillerma (Wilimini) (Italy 1866-), son Theodore (Spain 1872-)

[ it cannot be confirmed or ruled out that he is the same as Paolo Baraldi II ]

Title Parts
[] Sesqui centennial march. Piano
dedication: To Hon. Ferdinand C. Latrobe, Mayor of Baltimore
pub George Willig & Co., Baltimore 1880
ms University of Virginia, Charlottesville

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