Barbara, Pierre Henri 'Henry' 24.apr.1823-9.may.1863 France, Orleans - Libourne
pianist, his father a luthier sent him to study with Aloys Schmitt in Frankfurt am Main Germany, 1838 back in Orleans his concerts brought him many piano students, as piano teacher he settled in Montpellier, Narbonne, Avignon and finally in Libourne where he build a large clientele, 1843 he began to publish some distinguished compositions which drew the attention from the dilletantes and obtained a considerable sale, but because of his very little stirring nature he did not seek to publish his productions and to assert them, he did not publish more then 12 pieces, an extensive article was devoted to the talented pianist in the Progres Revue de Bordeaux 1.mar.1867 ; brother of novelist Charles Barbara

Title Parts

[] Valse brillante. Piano
pub Bernard Latte, Paris 1843

[] Ondine. Melodie. Etude de salon. Piano. op2
pub S. Fleury, Paris 1848

[] Afraja. Valse brillante. Piano
dedication: A mademoiselle Elide Cone
pub Emile Gallet, Paris 1856

[] Blanche. Polka mazurka. Piano
pub Colombier, Paris 1856
pub Emile Gallet, Paris

[] Marie. Polka mazurka. Piano
dedication: A mademoiselle Alix Denan
pub Colombier, Paris 1856
pub Emile Gallet, Paris

[] Zenaide. Polka pour piano
dedication: A monsieur Anatole Loquin
pub V. Ravayre-Raver, Bordeaux 1865

[] Amelie. Valse de salon. Piano
dedication: A mademoiselle Marthe de Courcy
pub V. Ravayre-Raver, Bordeaux 1869

[] Le retour. Piano
[] Iduna. Reverie en forme de valse. Piano
pub Colombier, Paris

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