Barber, Robert III c1750-f1799 England, Newcastle upon Tyne - ?London
harpsichordist, organist, 1774 organist at St Paul's Episcopal Church in Aberdeen Scotland, he played harpsichord at the weekly concerts of the Aberdeen Musical Society, 1783 settled in London

Title Parts

[] Thomson's hymn to the seasons. Cantata. Soloists, choir and orchestra. London 1788. op4
dedication Lord Frey de Wilton
words James Thomson (1700-1748)

[] Concerto in E flat. Harpsichord and instruments
pub John Preston, London

? Psalm 53 The foolish body hath said. Choir and organ
? Psalm 54 Save O God by Thy name. Choir and organ
composed by Barber - ? Robert III
Exeter Cathedral choir / Stephen Tanner, Paul Morgan

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