Barbi, Alice (fem) 1.jun.1862-4.sep.1948 Italy, Modena - Rome
mezzosoprano, violinist, poet, studied violin with her father Enrico, 1878-1879 studied singing with Carlo Verardi, Leopoldo Zamboni, Alessandro Busi and Luigi Vannuccini at the Liceo in Bologna, 2.apr.1882 debuted as singer in Milan and toured Germany, England, Austria and Russia ; 1897 in St Petersburg she married baron Wolff von Stomersee (1850-1917) and lived at castle Stomersee in Latvia ; 1920 in London she married the italian ambassador marquis della Torretta (1873-1962)

Title Parts

[] Arie antiche (Ancient airs). Voice
harmonized by Alice Barbi

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