Barbieri, Carlo f1789-f1801 Italy, ? - ?, ?
pianist, 1789 active in Paris France, 1795-1801 active in London England

Title Parts

[] Three favorite airs with variations Welsh, Scotch, & Irish. Op. XII. op12
To the above is added the favorite German waltz with variations
pub G. Goulding, London 1796

[] Ouverture et trois airs de ballet pour le piano-forte. op13
dedication: composes et dedies a Miss Clara Mackenzie par C. Barbieri
pub Longman & Broderip, London 1797
ms British Museum London
[] 1 - Ouverture
[] 2 - Pollacka
[] 3
[] 4
[] 5 - Finale
[] Six progressive sonatas and six preludes for the harp or piano forte. op14
dedication: Composed and dedicated to Miss Lloyd
pub Printed for the author, sold by Messrs. Goulding & Co., London & Messrs. Urbani & Liston, Edinburgh c1800

[] Three divertimentos or Ladies recreation in the country, for the piano forte or harp. op15
dedication: Composed and dedicated to Miss My. Hlen. Campbell
pub Printed for the author, sold by Messrs. Goulding & Co., London & Messrs. Muir, Wood & Co., Edinburgh & Chez tous les marchand de musique, Paris 1801

[] Ouverture des deux petits Savoyards, arrangee pour le piano-forte ou clavecin avec violon ad libitum par Carolo Barbieri
music Nicolas Dalayrac (Paris 1789)
pub Chez l'auteur, rue de la Monnoie, Paris 179?

[] Ouverture de Demophoon. 179?
music of Vogel, arrangee for the piano forte, with one violine ad libitum par Carlo Barbieri
music Johann Christoph Vogel (Paris 1789)
pub Published and sold at G. Willig's Musical Magazine, Philadelphia 1812/1815

[] The favorite hornpipe, danced by Madame Del Caro at the King's Theatre Haymarket in the cantata of La vittoria, in commemoration of Lord Howe's victory on the 1st of June, 1794
arranged with variations for the piano forte by C. Barbieri
pub Printed by G. Goulding, London c1795

[] The favorite dance "Moll in the Wad", arranged as a rondo for the piano-forte
pub R. Wornum, London c1795

[] Could native worth, a favorite song, as now singing at most of the nobilitys public and private concerts with greatest applause
the words by Mr. Rannie, composed by Ignaz Pleyel, the accompaniments added by C. Barbieri
pub Printed & sold by G. Goulding, London 1787/1798

[] General Suwarrow grand march and quick-step. Military band
received from Colonel Thery of the Austrian Army
music by Fritzzler, arr for pianoforte by C. Barbieri
pub Urbani and Liston, Edinburgh and London 1798
ms British Museum London

[] Quatre valzes almande pour le piano forte
pub Muir, Wood & Co., Edinburgh ?1805
No. 1 and no. 2 composed by C. Barbieri
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