Barbot, Francois Cecile Paul 16.sep.1827-8.sep.1913 France, Toulouse - Paris
pianist, tenor, 1842 graduated from Toulouse Conservatory, 1842 studied piano with Pierre Joseph Zimmermann at the Conservatoire de Paris, 1844 singing with Girolamo Crescentini at San Pietro a Majella in Naples and Domenico Donzelli in Bologna, he successfully performed at the Fondo and San Carlo theatres in Italy, 1846 he returned to France, after an accident he lost his voice and had to resume his piano study and settled in Toulouse where he gained an excellent position as performer and professor, with his children he made concert tours in England, Netherlands and Belgium, in Toulouse he made a great impression by organizing soirees with his students who played symphonies of the masters on six pianos 24 hands which he arranged himself, 1895 professor of singing and piano residing at 1 rue Gay-Lussac in Paris, 1895 decorated Officier d'academie ; he married Caroline Louise Gertrude Pasqualina Franco ; son pianist/cellist Jean Francois Gaston Barbot (Toulouse 3.jun.1846-), daughter opera contralto Madelaine Philippine Andree Barbot ; stepfather of the actors Jean Mounet-Sully and Paul Mounet

Title Parts

[] L'Ecole des femmes. Opera. Toulouse 1847
libretto Paul Barbot after Moliere

[] Pinson et Fauvette (The two birds). Piano. op29
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston c1860

[] Illustrations de Le nozze di Figaro. Piano. 1864
[] Illustrations de Don Juan. Piano. 1876
[] Ce que l'on n'ose dire. Piano. 1878. op124
[] La Brabanconne. Piano
composed by Barbot - ? Paul

[] Reveil-Matin, gymnastique journaliere. Piano
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