Barham, George 2.may.1831-20.jan.1914 England Suffolk, Halesworth - Kent, Wrotham
organist, 1859-1880 college schoolmaster and organist in Wrotham, 1870 at the age of 38 he became widower with the care of four young children and never remarried, 1890 steward and estate manager in Wrotham, 1900-1914 as retired schoolmaster, parish clerk and licensed lay reader residing at Sudbury House West Street in Wrotham ; son of Robert Barham (London 1806-1886 Suffolk, Blyting) and Maria (Halesworth 1801-) ; 1858 in Carmarthen he married Eleanor Davies (Wales Carmarthenshire, Laugharne 1838-13.apr.1870 Wrotham) ; children George Robert David (Wrotham 1859-1950), Eleanor Maria Ann (Wrotham 1861-1943), Caroline Elizabeth (Wrotham 1863-1911), Frances Henrietta (Wrotham 1866-1884)

Title Parts

[] Prelude. Organ
pub Vincent, London 1895

[] Interlude. Organ
pub Vincent, London 1896

[] Adoration. Anglican carol
words and music George Barham
pub Vincent, London 1896

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