Baridoni (Baridone), Fritz ??-f1731 Italy, ? - ?, ?
1731 musician at the court of Wurttemberg in Stuttgart Germany, the name Fritz cannot be found on any manuscript, it is not mentioned by Eitner or RISM, unknown where the name Fritz has been recorded ; related to composer Giovanni Battista Baridone

Title Parts

[] Concerto per il due oboe, due violini ed basso (in B flat)
music Sigr: Baridoni
provenance Stuttgart Germany c1731
ms Universitatsbibliothek Rostock Germany
? attributed to Fritz Baridoni by Samantha Owens in The Wurttemberg Hof-Musicorum 1680-1721, University dissertation, Wellington 1995
? attributed to Fritz Baridoni by Ekkehard Kruger in Musikaliensammlungen Rostock. Ortus Musikverlag, Beeskow 2006

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