Barker, Laura Wilson (Mrs. Tom Taylor) bap.6.mar.1819-22.may.1905 England Yorkshire, Thirkleby - Buckinghamshire, Coleshill
violinist, received her first music lessons from her parents, attracted the attention of Paganini when she was 12 years old, studied with Cipriani Potter, she taught music at the York School for the Blind, the Sunday musical soirees by Mr and Mrs Taylor were attended by many great celebrities, after the death of her husband she retired to Coleshill devoting herself to composing songs ; third daughter of the Rev. Thomas Barker (York 25.nov.1779-), vicar of Thirkleby and Jane Flower (York 20.oct/9.dec.1783-) ; 19.jun.1855 in Brompton she married lawyer and amateur musician/playwright/dramatist Tom Taylor (Bishop Wearmouth 19.oct.1817-12.jul.1880 Surrey, Wandsworth Lavender Hill)

Title Parts

[] Seven romances. Voice and guitar. 1836
[] Ode to the passions by William Collins. 1846
[] Six Songs. London 1847 [] 1 - To daffodils
[] 2 - Home of my youth
[] 3 - The song of the yellow hammer
[] 4 - Lullaby. Sweet and low
[] 5 - The rose
[] 6 - The miller's doughter
[] Enone. Cantata. 1850
[] Six Songs for voice and pianoforte. 1852
[] Sonata "A country walk". Violin and piano. 1860
[] Ballads and Songs of Brittany. London 1865
translated by Tom Taylor, with some of the original melodies harmonized by Mrs. Tom Taylor

[] Music to Shakespeare's "As you like it". London 14apr1880
[] Songs of youth. 1883
[] A prophesy. Choir and orchestra. 1899
[] Can a bosom so gentle remain. Glee. SSATB
[] String quartet
[] Allegro animato and introduction. Piano
[] Sleep gentle lady. Choir
pub J. Curwen, London

[] Overture and entr'acte for Joan of Arc by Tom Taylor
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