Barlow, Richard Arthur 3.aug.1868-19?? England Cheshire, Wilmslow - ?, ?
bass singer, professor of music, educated at Chorlton High School in Manchester, studied music with Henry Hiles in Manchester, studied at the Royal College of Music in London, 1892 debuted as bass singer at Bow and Bromley Institute in London, 1893 became principal bass at Foundling Hospital, 1894-1895 sung at Mottl's Wagner Concerts, 1894 at the Boosey Ballad Concerts at Queen's Hall, at the Halle Concerts under Richter, the Liverpool Philharmonic Concerts, with the Belfast Philharmonic and at the Sheffield Festival, 1900 as singer residing at 6 Beech Mansions in London Hampstead, 1910-1917 as professor of music residing at 19 Inglewood Road in London Hampstead ; 27.apr.1898 at St Stephen in London Paddington he married professional violinist Florence Louise Guise Nanney (India, Madras 1874-) ; daughter composer Sybil Barlow

Title Parts

[] Passion valse. Piano
pub Cecil Lennox & Co., London 1921

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