Barmas, Ieshaiyagu 'Issay' 19.apr/1may.1872-3.jul.1946 Ukraine, Odessa - England, London
violinist, arranger, 1887-1892 studied violin with Jan Hrimaly at Moscow Conservatory, 1895-1898 with Joseph Joachim and Emanuel Wirth in Berlin, 1899 started a career as concert violinist in Berlin, Germany, Russia, Denmark and Poland, 1900-1929 active in Berlin Germany, 1900-1905 he teacher violin at Stern Conservatory, 1905 at Klindworth-Scharwenka Conservatory, 1919 he formed a string quartet with Karl Knaak, Otto Klust and Fritz Dechert

Title Parts

[] Violin concerto in g op26
music Max Bruch
arranged with his teacher Joseph Joachim for violin and piano

[] Caprice in G
music Jakob Dont (1815-1888)
arranged by Issay Barmas for violin

[] Doppelgriff-Spezialstudien. Violin study
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