Barnard, Ernest Wyndham 16.may.1863-27.dec.1935 England, London Marylebone - London Chelsea
14.jun.1863 baptized at St Andrew's Marylebone, 1876-1881 scholar under Francis F Vidal at Eton College Windsor, 1870-1912 residing at 23 Portland Place Marylebone, 1870 with 9 siblings and housekeeper, two housemaids, kitchenmaid, two nurses, two nurserymaids, ladys maid, schoolroom maid, cook, butler, footman, father and mother, 1890-1918 he was banker, 1899-1902 active in South Africa during the Tweede Vryheidsoorlog (Second Boer War), 1914-1917 he served as major in the Duke of Edinburgh's Wiltshire Regiment, 1925-1935 residing at 12 Sloane Gardens, at death his occupation was given as retired major ; son of magistrate and director of National Provincial Bank Sir Herbert Barnard (Marylebone 1.oct.1831-30.jun.1920 Marylebone) and Ellen Wyndham (Hampshire, Bramshaw 1832-10.jun.1889 Marylebone)

Title Parts

[] Violin concerto in G
T. Adamowski, Boston Symphony Orchestra. Boston Massachusetts 9jan1886

mentioned in Annals of Music in America. Henry Charles Lahee. 1922
Lahee gives the composer name once as E. Barnard and once as F. Barnard
in Bio-bibliographical index of musicians in the United States of America since colonial times, 1941 second edition 1956, the name has been changed to Ernest Barnard

[] Till then, Marie. Song
words and music by E. Barnard
pub Mathias & Strickland, London 1894

[] Beneath thy bower, beloved. Serenade no1 in E flat
words by W. A. H., music Ernest Barnard
pub Jul. Heinr. Zimmermann, Leipzig Germany 1898

[] Marche nuptiale. Organ or piano. op8
published in The Organist's Magazine of Voluntaries, London 1896
pub Vause, Slatter & Co., Maritzburg, South Africa 1898
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston Massachusetts

[] Katrina. Serenade, with violin obb. by E. Benzon
words and music by E. Barnard
pub Vause Slatter & Co., Pietermaritzburg and Durban, South Africa 1898

[] Marche giocoso. Piano. op11
pub Wickins & Co., London 11may1899

[] Reverie in C. Violin and piano. op13
pub Moore, Smith and Co., London 1899

[] The bird and the lily
words and music by Ernest W. Barnard
pub Leonard & Co., London 2nov1901

[] Marche romantique. Piano. op22
pub Moore, Smith and Co., London 1902

[] March of the Carbineers
dedication Col. Green commanding the officers and men of the Natal Carbineers. In commemoration of the boer rebellion.. in which they so nobly
(Tweede Vryheidsoorlog, South Africa, 1899-1902)
pub P. Davis and Sons, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

[] The "Louis" march. Piano
pub Arthur and Co., Birmingham 1902

[] Maid of Napoli. Song
words by A. H. Hyatt
in The Vocalist No.15 of The Vocalist Series No.52. London 1902

[] Cathedral voluntaries for the organ, harmonium or American organ. Book 16
pub Swan & Co., London 1902
with voluntaries by
Ernest W. Barnard, Walter Edward Bartlett, Karl Bergmann, Charles Bradley, Ernest Alfred Dicks, Henry Fisher, Astley Langston, Frank Lewis Moir, J. Herbert Olding, Xavier Staub, Harry James Taylor, Felix Thorel, James Heber Trevor
[] The heart of a rose. Song
words by C. Lyttleton
pub S. Rowland, Cardiff 1904

[] Communion in A flat. Organ. op42
music Ernest W. Barnard
pub Arthur P. Schmidt, Boston Massachusetts 28sep1909
pub Bayley and Ferguson, Glasgow, Scotland

[] Te Deum in G
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1910
Stainer & Bell's Modern Church Services No.57

[] Fantaisie impromptu. Organ. op64
pub Weekes & Co., London 1914

[] Love's desire. Piano
music Vittore Loreto (pseud. of Ernest Barnard of Great Britain)
pub Schott & Co., London 16mar1916
copyright renewal Associated Music Publishers Inc., New York 1apr1943

[] Naomina gavotte
pub Phillips and Page, London

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