Barnard, George Daniel 14.oct.1858-19.jan.1933 USA Michigan, Sandstone near Jackson - Kentucky Mason County, Maysville
bandmaster, 1902-1907 bandmaster of the French Military Band Lincoln Nebraska, then until 1913 of the Calumet and Hecla Band Michigan, 1920 of the Kentucky Cardinals Boys Band, used the pseudonyms G F Daniels, Ed Hazel, George McQuaide, Edward Russell and M B Eaton ; son of Daniel O Barnard (NY, Stanford 1.nov.1816-31.may.1875 Jackson) and Rebecca H Bunker (NY, Columbia 1821-) : 16.aug.1879 in Jackson Parma he married Jennie Roby McQuaid (Michigan oct.1863-) divorced a1900 ; 1904 in Cincinnati Ohio he married Daisy Hortencia Weissmann (Canada 1877-)

Title Parts

[] The Puritans. Flute, clarinet and piano
pub J. G. Richards and Co., Cleveland 1892

[] Alabama dream. Ragtime Cakewalk. 1899
[] The Pals. Polka. 2 Trumpets and piano. 1905
[] Velvet of the rose. Waltz. 1907
Edison Symphony Orchestra

[] A cyclone in Darktown. 1910
Arthur Pryors Band on 78rpm

[] Merriment polka. 2 Clarinets and piano. 1913
pub Waterloo, Waterloo Canada

[] Gloriana. Clarinet and piano
pub Fillmore Music House, Cincinnati c1916

[] King of the night overture. 1923
[] Nourhalma waltzes
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