Barne, Marion Catherine 'Kitty' (Mrs. Eric Streatfeild) (fem) 17.nov.1882-3.feb.1961 England Surrey, Petersham - Kent, Dartford
scriptwriter, writer of childrens books mainly on music and musical themes, 4.feb.1883 baptized at St Peter in Petersham, studied at the Royal College of Music in London, 1911 residing with her stepfather and mother at 17 Carew Road in Eastbourne a house with 17 rooms used by her stepfather as private boarding school with 3 students and 5 servants: cook, parlor maid, maid, housemaid and kitchen maid, during WWI she was member of the Women's Voluntary Service for children evacuees, she was for some years the Girl Guides 'commissioner for music and drama', 1925-1961 residing at Windmill Corner 2 Kings Avenue in Eastbourne Sussex, she died after a long illness at Mabledon Hospital in Dartford and was buried at St Mary the Virgin Churchyard in Friston Sussex ; daughter of lieutenant William Charles Barne (Devon, Tiverton 1843-1898 Petersham) and Belissa Laura Gossett Barne Wheeler (Devon, Northam 1855-1.sep.1934 Eastbourne) ; 23.jun.1900 stepdaughter of private tutor history Daniel William Wheeler (Somerset, Berrow 7.sep.1867-1960 Kent) ; 11.apr.1912 at St Mary's in Eastbourne she married music teacher Eric Leonard Streatfeild (Surrey, Nutfield 16.jun.1870-1.jan.1954 Eastbourne)

Title Parts

[] To-morrow. Play for children in 3 acts
by Kitty Barne and Daniel William Wheeler
copyright Marion Catherine Barne, Eastbourne 25nov1910

[] Timothy's garden. Musical play for children. London 1912
written and composed by Kitty Barne
verses by father Daniel William Wheeler, illustrations by sister Lucy Barne (born 1877 St Saviours Jersey)
pub J. Curwen & Sons Ltd., London 4mar1912

[] The camp fire song. Action song for Girl Guides. Three treble voices
words and music by Kitty Barne
dedication: To the 12th Eastbourne Company of Girl Guides
pub J. Curwen & Sons Ltd., London 24nov1922

[] The amber gate. Pageant play of episodes in the lives of children famous in history
words and music Kitty Barne
pub piano edition J. Curwen & Sons Ltd., London 20feb1925
copyright Kitty Barne, Windmill Corner, Eastbourne 24jan1925

[] Winds. Musical play. b1935
[] Adventures. Musical play. b1935
writing: Introducing Mozart. by Kitty Barne pseudonym of Mrs. Eric Streatfeild. With drawings by J. J. Crockford
copyright Mrs. Eric Streatfeild 19may1955

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