Barnes, Richard Bryan 14.mar.1934-aug.2013 England Lancashire, Accrington - England Essex, Colchester
conductor, music teacher, born at Rough Lee Maternity Home, residing at 65 Westwood Street, 1955-1959 studied music with Thurston Dart and George Guest at St John's College in Cambridge, studied conducting in Cambridge and London, taught music for 30 years, mainly to university students but also to children and organized instrumental music schools for young people, conducted many orchestras and choirs both professional and amateur, adult and children ao the Witham Choral Society and the Colchester Operatic Society, 1966-1989 full time music teacher at Colchester Institute Essex, since 1976 he spent several holidays at Mallorca, 1986 bought an apartment there and 1995 decided to live there permanently, 1997 he settled at a small country-seat in Ullaro, later he returned to Colchester ; son of commercial traveler William Barnes and Annie Sparrow

Title Parts

[] Variations on a Vietnamese folk-song. Saxophone choir. op31
originally for accordion
pub Harlequin Music, Cambridge 1997

[] Serenata de Campanet, per a cor de veus mixtes i piano. op52
text en catala, castella i angles
musica Bryan Barnes, text Bartomeu Rosello-Porcel
pub Dinsic Pulicacions Musicals, Barcelona 1995
[] 1 - Madrigal
[] 2 - Oh peresa de l'aire
[] 3 - Vestits de llum i somni
[] The Giant Alexander. Children's musical. 1983
music and libretto Bryan Barnes

[] Miserere
Witham Choral Society / Patrick McCarthy. St Peter's Church, Coggeshall 12apr2014

[] Christmas landscape. Choir
Colchester Bach Choir, October 2000

[] Magnificat. Voices and orchestra
[] Come bless the Lord. Choir
[] The sword in the stone. Children's cantata
[] The way of the cross. Easter cantata for children
[] A hundred slaves for a corn cob. Musical
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