Barnes, Clifford Paulus 3.jul.1897-28.aug.1967 USA Ohio, Cleveland - NY, Ithaca (while residing in Cleveland)
trumpeter, bandmaster, studied cornet with Herbert L Clarke and Edward Llewellyn, studied piano, organ, voice and composition at the New England Conservatory Boston, 1918 trumpeter at the Stroud Theatre Cleveland and first trumpeter of the Cleveland Orchestra, 1920 music teacher in Cleveland, 1930 in Cleveland Lakewood, he was editor for Carleton Music, Lyon & Healy, Evan Georgeoff and Ludwig Music Co. ; son of cornetist William E Barnes (Ohio aug.1872-) and Anna M Paulus (Ohio sep.1873-) ; 18.dec.1918 in Cleveland he married Genevieve Detzel (Ohio, Madison 1898-) ; later he married Mabel Roberts (Cleveland 25.apr.1907-1.jan.1982 Cleveland)

Title Parts

[] The Clifford Barnes trumpet album. Trumpet and piano. 1956 [] 1 - The young artist
[] 2 - The young genius
[] 3 - The young maestro
[] 4 - The young virtuoso
[] Persian carnival. Concert band. 1954
[] Danish Patrol. Military band. 1955
published under the pseudonym Roger Britten

[] Arioso and caprice. Trombone. 1961
[] Alvamar overture. Clarinet
[] 3 Gaybriellos. 3 Trumpets
[] Gypsy holiday. Overture
[] Shadow mountain. Overture
[] Fiddle Folly
[] Fiddlosophy
[] Hawaiian holiday
[] Alpine holiday
[] Marcia con brio
[] The Rose that rules my heart. Song
[] What do you do to me. Song
[] Dear little Marie. Song
[] The call of love. Song
[] Hawaii by moonlight
[] Tom Tom. Negro opera
libretto Shirly Graham
conducted by him at the Cleveland Stadium 1931

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