Barnes, Frederick Edwin Lucy 1.nov.1856-21.sep.1880 England, London St Pancras - Canada, Montreal
organist, 13.jan.1857 baptized as Frederick Edwin at the Old Church in the Parish of Saint Pancras, 1872 studied at the Royal Academy of Music, studied with Thomas Helmore at the Chapel Royal, 1872 organist at All Saints Church Norfolk Square London, 1876 of St Margaret's Church Prince's Square in Liverpool, 1878-1879 of Montreal Cathedral, conductor of the Montreal Philharmonic Society, assistant organist of Trinity Church in New York City, at the age of 23 he accidentally shot himself with a revolver and was buried at Saint John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Montreal ; son of composer Edwin Barnes ; 1878 in London Birkenhead he married opera singer Leonora Phillippa Braham (London Pancras 3.feb.1853-23.nov.1931 London Wandsworth) whereupon she changed her name to Leonora Lucy Barnes

Title Parts
[] Psalm 23. Voices, choir and orchestra
[] Opera, libretto Mrs. G. L. Craik
[] Grump's marriage. Operetta for the German Reed Company. 1876
[] Air with variations. Piano. London 1876
[] But you know already. Ballad
sung by Miss Leonora Braham at Mr. & Mrs. German Reed's Entertainment
words John Hermitage
pub Stanley Lucas, Weber & Co., London 1876

[] Path through the snow. Song
words Mrs Craik [D. N. Nulock Craik]
pub Leonard, London 1876

[] Sun and Spring. Song
words Mrs. Craik [Dinah Maria Mulock Craik]
pub Metzler & Co., London 1876

[] May. Song. London 1878
words by T. Hood

[] Mither. Song. London 1881
words R. Nichols

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