Barnes, Herbert 23.may.1872-2.apr.1944 England, York - Birmingham
pianist, theatre conductor, 9.jun.1872 baptized at All Saints Pavement in York, 1880 residing at 61 Clarence Street in York St Giles in Suburbs, 1901 as pianist he visited an insurance agent in Manchester Stalybridge, 1913-1923 conductor and producer of pantomime for Mr. Leon Salberg at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham, 1911 as theatre conductor residing at 56 Princess Road in Birmingham Edgbaston, 1920 he had a second house at 340 Bellbarn Road in Edgbaston, 1924 toured abroad with his own productions, 1936 as composer member of the Performing Right Society (PRS) London ; son of commercial traveler John Barnes (York 1848-) and Mary Anne Render (York 18.feb.1849-) ; 1901 he married the 33 year old widow Alice Brooke Dear (Yorkshire, Dewsbury 25.jan.1867-1936 Birmingham) ; daughter Dorothy Ethel Minnie (Dewsbury 1902-), son John Herbert (Dewsbury 1904-), son Herbert (Dewsbury 1905-), stepdaughter Katherine Dear (Dewsbury 3.dec.1891-)

Title Parts

[] Songs from the musical play Schwenk the dreamer (London 1902)
written and composed by Harry Starr, arranged for the pianoforte by Herbert Barnes. 1902

[] Cinderella and the crystal slipper. Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham 1913-1914
expressly written for this theatre by Joseph L. Barry, music composed, selected and arranged by Herbert Barnes

[] All honour to the Gallant. Song
words F. Thomas
pub Clifford & Co., London 1915

[] Jack and the Beanstalk. Musical comedy. Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham 17dec1915
libretto William Lacy

[] The powder girl. Musical play. Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham 4aug1919
libretto Joseph L. Barry

[] All over the shop. Musical comedy revue. Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham 23sep1919
libretto Joseph L. Barry

[] That dear little cottage and you. Song
introduced and sung by Miss Winnie Taylor
words Edward Warde
pub H. Sharples & Son, London 24dec1919

[] Charlie goes East. Musical farcical comedy. Birmingham Redditch 1920
libretto Rex Coops
with full chorus and augmented orchestra under the direction of Herbert Barnes, staged at the Empire Theatre in Northern Whig Antrim, Northern Ireland 12jul1924

[] By the waters of the Nile. Song
from Charlie goes East
words Edward Warde
pub H. Sharples & Son, London 3mar1921

[] Sweet memories of you. Song
words Edward Warde
pub H. Sharples & Son, London 3mar1921

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