Barnes, Phillip Homer 7.feb.1904-12.may.1964 USA Illinois, Petty - Kentucky, Lexington
pianist, he was actually named Phillip not Philip, grew up in Lawrenceville Illinois, studied composition with Edgar Brazleton, Frederick S Converse and George M Chadwick, graduate piano from New England Conservatory Boston, BA from the University of Kentucky in Lexington, BMus from Chicago Conservatory, 1930 taught piano at Fessenden School for Boys in Newton Massachusetts, 1935 at Presser Foundation School of Music Illinois, 1938 at Wesleyan University Bloomington Illinois and 1949 Transylvania College in Lexington, 1.sep.1954 appointed instructor at the University of Kentucky, 21.sep.1954 patented an 'apparatus for transposing music', 20.sep.1955 patented a 'device for teaching music' ; son of real estate agent Otto H Barnes (Ohio 1860-) and May 'Mollie' (Illinois 1876-) ; 1928 he married Beatrice Edgerton (New York 8.apr.1906-4.mar.1991 Lexington Woodford)

Title Parts

[] Piano sonata in g
[] Cavern suite
[] High noon. Piano
[] Deep dusk. Piano
[] Four preludes. Piano
[] Holiday mood. Piano
[] Theme and variations. Piano
[] Psalm 24. Voices, choir and orchestra
[] Six parables of Our Lord. Voices, choir and orchestra
[] Love's springtide. Song
[] Three nursery rhymes. Song
[] Witchery. Song
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