Barnes Wood, Zilpha Meyers (fem) 5.dec.1867-19?? USA Ohio Holmes County, Killbuck - ?, ?
choral conductor, teacher, studied with her mother, 1879 she became organist at the church of which her father was choirmaster, 1886 BMus in piano, organ and theory with Adolph Martin Foerster from Pittsburgh College of Music, 1889 studied voice at Cincinnati College of Music, 1893-1894 teacher of singing, piano and theory at Cincinnati College of Music, 1894-1904 founded and directed the Zilpha Barnes Wood school of music at 1225 Elm Street in Cincinnati, 1904 transferred the school to New York City, 1918 choral conductor at Washington Heights United Presbyterian Church New York, 1918 residing at Hotel St Andrew, 72nd Street New York, 1919 founded the Grand Opera Society of New York, 1914-1942 her vocal studio was at Carnegie Hall Broadway New York ; daughter of physician/surgeon Enos Price Barnes (Killbuck 13.mar.1840-18.jun.1918 Washington DC), 9.apr.1863 in Coshocton he married Sarah Meyers (1843-b1918): daughter Zilpha, son physician Noble Price (Killbuck 16.aug.1871-26.nov.1933 Washington DC) ; 25.jun.1879 he married Harriette 'Hattie' Louise Duncan (Holmes 22.oct.1852-17.apr.1942 Killbuck): divorced, no children ; 24.apr.1889 he married Isabella 'Belle' Enyart (Ohio 9.jun.1859-18.dec.1920 Arizona, Phoenix): son druggist Forrest Price (Ohio Perry County, Buckingham 3.apr.1891-11.dec.1960), by 1910 they were divorced ; 1886 in Holmes County Zilpha married the wealthy horse dealer John Jay Wood (Coshocton Keene 1860-): son Adolph Crittenden Wood (Ohio, Coshocton Keene 2.apr.1888-30.nov.1972 Florida, Tampa), divorced 1892, 1897 John Jay Wood married the 25 year old Mila

[Dixie Hines 1914 gives erroneously born 5.dec.1871, as falsely given by Zilpha]
[Saerchinger 1918 gives erroneously born 5.dec.1877, as falsely given by Zilpha]

Title Parts

[] Daffodils. Song
pub Theodore Presser, New York b1919

[] If you love me. Song
pub Theodore Presser, New York b1919

[] Indian lyrics. Song
pub Theodore Presser, New York b1919

[] (details unknown). at the age of ten she had played two of her own compositions in public
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