Barnet, Robert Ayres 3.sep.1853-26.jun.1933 USA NY, New York Manhattan - New York Manhattan
librettist, playwright, ?composer, born at 179 Chambers Street Manhattan, until 1908 he worked with the Boston Cadets Theatre group in Boston Massachusetts, 1900 he resided at 27 Carruth Street Boston, 1910 at 602 West 137th Street Manhattan, 1920-1933 at 139 East 30th Street Manhattan ; 14.dec.1881 in Boston he married Sarah J Swasey

[Dixie Hines 1914 gives erroneously born 3.sep.1850]

Title Parts

[] Cinderella or The castle of the heart's designer. Musical play. 1890
[] Injured innocents. Musical farce
pub E. B. Stillings and Co., Boston 1890

[] Cinderella and the prince. Musical play. 1903
[] 1492. Operetta
music Carl Pflueger
pub White-Smith, Boston c1892

[] Prince pro tem. Comic opera
music Lewis Sabin Thompson
pub Miles and Thompson, Boston c1893
[] Don't you try to rubberneck. Coon song. Voice and piano
[] Tabasco. Comic opera
music George Whitefield Chadwick
pub B. F. Wood Music Co., Boston 1894
[] O darkies, don't yer 'member. Ballad. Voice, male quartet and piano
[] Three little lambs. Musical comedy
music Edward Warren Corliss
pub White-Smith, Boston c1899

[] Miladi and the musketeer. Musical play
music Harry Lawson Heartz
pub White-Smith, Boston 1900

[] Miss Simplicity. Comic opera
music Harry Lawson Heartz
pub White-Smith, Boston 1901

[] Baron Humbug. Hungarian musical play
music Lewis Sabin Thompson
pub White-Smith, Boston 1903

[] Strange adventures of Jack and the beanstalk. Operetta
music Alfred Baldwin Sloane
pub White-Smith, Boston c1896

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