Barnett, Emma Mary Elizabeth (fem) 18.jul.1851-12.feb.1942 England, London Kentish Town - London Hampstead
pianist, born at 10 Grove in Kentish Town, studied entirely under her brother, 28.feb.1872 she gave a recital at the New Philharmonic Society London, 28.feb.1874 debuted at the Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts playing Beethoven's Piano concerto in G, 1.dec.1874 played her brother's Piano concerto in d at the Royal Albert Hall Concerts, 13.jun.1877 she gave her first recital at St George's Hall, 1880 as professor of piano residing with her father at 13 Springfield Villas in Hampstead, 28.jan.1882 was her first appearance at the Monday Popular Concerts at St James's Hall, since then gave many piano recitals in London and the provinces, introducing her brother's works to public notice, 5.jun.1891 St James's Hall: 'the principal piece in her programme was Schumann's Sonata in g, of which she gave a vigorous and elective performance, she also played trifles by Mendelssohn, Moskowski and Chopin but was most successful in five of Mr. J F Barnett's pretty little pieces, 1910-1942 residing at Priory House 140 Alexandra Road in London Hampstead where she ran a private music school with her sister Jeannette ; daughter of composer Joseph Alfred Barnett ; sister of composer John Francis Barnett

Title Parts

[] Gavotte in A. Piano
published before 1897

[] Two action songs
words and actions by M. Hampden
pub J. Williams, London 1905
[] 1 - In a gown of old brocade
[] 2 - The discontented creatures
[] Distant voice. Song with violin and cello accompaniment
pub in Favourite Songs no.10, J. Williams, London b1906

[] Grandmother Grey
pub Willcocks & Co., London

[] L'Invito
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] Rhoda rode a roadster
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London b1906

[] Four Smoking Concerts duets
pub J. Williams, London b1906

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