Barnett, Joseph Alfred 15.jun.1810-29.apr.1898 England, London - London Hampstead
tenor singer, teacher of singing, early in life he was articled to Mr. Reeve of the Olympic Theatre and appeared as a juvenile vocalist, afterwards he sang as a tenor vocalist in London and the provinces, but gradually retired from public life and devoted himself to voice training, for many years principal tenor at the Church of the Spanish Embassy and choirmaster of Warwick Street Church and St Aloysius in London Somers Town, professor of singing at the London Academy of Music and teacher in many large schools ; son of diamant merchant Bernhard Beer who changed his name to Barnett ; father of composer John Francis Barnett ; brother of composer John Barnett ; 24.jun.1837 he married Emma Mary Ursula Hudson (London St Dunstan 1815-1880)

Title Parts

[] The minstrel page. Romance
words J. B. Holland
pub W. George, London 1827

[] Farewell. Song, composed for the Harmonicon. 1829
the poetry by Lord Byron
pub in The Harmonicon Vol. 7

[] My own sweet flower. Ballad. London 1830
words J. B. Holland

[] The Mariners welcome home. Duet. London 1833
the poetry by J. B. Holland

[] The merry days gone by. Ballad
words George Cathrey from his Novel of Chelmsley
pub F.C. Leader, London 1843

[] Young widow Gray. Ballad
words G. W. Burch
pub F. C. Leader, London 1843

[] Farewell to my Country. Ballad
words J. R. Cooper
pub F. C. Leader, London 1843

[] The song of Maude
words M. G. Kennedy
pub Leader & Cock, London 1849

[] The wonderful polka. Piano. London 1852
[] The old english sailor. Naval ballad
composed & dedicated to the British Navy
words George Warburton Burch
pub Duff & Hodgson, London 1852

[] Farewell to dear Ireland. Ballad. London 1852
[] Song of Saint John. London 1853
[] Ave Maria. Vocal quartet. London 1864
[] Exaudi Deus. Tenor
[] Domine salvum fac. Soloists and choir
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