Barnett, Wallace 'Wally' Henry 23.may.1916-24.jul.2005 USA Indiana, Evansville - Illinois, Decatur
flutist, bandmaster, 1934-1937 studied at Phillips University, 1946 BA under George Dasch from Evansville College, 1948 MM under Walter Emch from Millikin University, 1948 bandmaster of Decatur Public Schools and the Theodore Rooseveld School Decatur ; son of Charles H Barnett (1882-) and Dorothy W Blair (1888-) ; 13.jun.1943 he married Mary Lois Armor

Title Parts

[] Tiki's tune. Snare drum and piano. 1977
[] A horse of a different color. Snare drum and piano. 1978
[] Swiss chocolate. Mallet percussion and piano. 1978
composed with Mary Barnett

[] A walk through Kalamazoo. Mallet percussion and piano. 1980
[] Hoedown. Snare drum and piano. 1992
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