Barns, Ethel (fem) 5.dec.1873-31.dec.1948 England, London Islington - Maidenhead
violinist, 10.jan.1874 baptized at St Anne on Poole's Park in Islington, 1887-1895 studied violin with Prosper Sainton and Emile Sauret, piano with Frederick Westlake and harmony with Ebenezer Prout at the Royal Academy of Music in London, with her husband she established the Barns-Phillips Chamber Concerts at Bechstein Hall, later she toured with soprano Adelina Patti ; 1899 she married singer Charles Phillips

Title Parts

[] Violin concerto in d. 1907
[] Sonata no1 in A. Violin and piano. 1904. op9
[] Sonata no2 in g. Violin and piano. 1910. op24
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