Barolsky, Mikhail (Michael) 19.jul.1947-2009 Lithuania, Vilnius - ?, ?
pianist, 1965 took lessons in composition with Lutoslawski in Warsaw, 1968 studied privately with Denisov and Schnittke in Moscow, 1969-1971 music adviser at the Lithuanian Radio, 1971 emigrated to Germany, 1972 attended seminars with Ligeti, Kagel and Stockhausen in Darmstadt, 1974 taught at the Pedagogic Institute in Tel Aviv Israel, 1977 settled in Koln Germany

Title Parts

[] Melos. Mezzosoprano, cello, piano, el-organ, percussion and synthesizer. 1975
[] Notturno. Piano and electronics. 1974
[] Prana. Violin and tape. 1977
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