Baron, Maurice (pseud: Francis Delille; Morris Aborn; Al Tremblay) 1.jan.1889-5.sep.1964 France, Lille - USA NY Long Island, Oyster Bay
violinist, conductor, editor, music publisher, graduated in violin and composition from the National Conservatory in Lille, 1905 emigrated with his parents to Canada, 1909 after his marriage he was violinist in Seattle Washington, 1917 he was editor for Remick Publishing Co. in New York, 1931-1932 conductor at the Roxy Theater New York, 1933-1944 staff composer at Radio City Music Hall New York, conductor for radio WABC, CBS and NBC, founder/director of M. Baron Co. music publishing firm and agent for ao Costallat, Noel, Leduc, Enoch, 1930-1950 residing at 14 Myrtle Drive, Great Neck Estates, Long Island ; son of the french army bandmaster Henri Baron (France 1860-) and soprano/pianist Marthe Caillier (France 1864-) ; nov.1908 in Canada Alberta he married Alice Tremblay (Canada 1886-)

Title Parts

[] Ode to democracy. Narrator, choir and orchestra. New York 1949
[] Fosteriana. Rhapsody. Orchestra
[] Suzan at the Zoo. Suite choreographique
[] Blood, sweat and tears. Symphonic paen
[] The Conqueror. Overture triumphale
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