Baron (ne Girlando), Joseph Paul 1.oct.1910-22.mar.1985 USA Maryland, Baltimore - Italy, Rome
pianist, conductor, arranger, studied at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, with John Adam Hugo, 1931 with Arthur Friedheim, composition with Boris Levenson, 1930-1947 music teacher and conductor residing in Bridgeport Connecticut, 1943 staff conductor for CBS, 1951 made a European tour, 1951 residing at 225-46 Murdock Ave in New York, 1954 at 1 Gracie Square New York ; son of tailorshop owner Paolo Mingior Girlando (Italy 1887-) and Rosaria (Italy 1891-) ; in Bridgeport he married Helen Madelyn Iacozza (Pennsylvania, Freeland 12.feb.1910-) ; by 1950 he was married to Heather Jane Walsh (South Africa 1925-)

Title Parts

[] Rhapsody. Piano and orchestra
[] Vignettes. Voice and piano
[] Quintet. Ballet. 1941
[] Gala performance. Ballet. 1941
[] Rum and Coca-Cola. Song
(plagiarised) music Jeri Sullavan and Paul Baron
(plagiarised) words Morey Amsterdam
pub Leo Feist Inc., New York 1944
the original authors of the music and lyrics Lionel Belasco and Lord Invader started a plagiarism lawsuit for copyright infringement, which was granted in 1948

[] Professional father. TV series. 1955
[] Toward the unknown. Film score. 1956
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