Baroni Pasolini Zanelli, Silvia contessa Semitecolo (fem) jun.1852-1920 Italy, Bassano del Grappa - Lizzano near Cesena
countess, poet, pianist, studied with Hans von Bulow ; 1875 she married count Giuseppe Pasolini-Zanelli (Faenza 1844-1909), they used Villa Pasolini-Zanelli in Lizzano as a summer residence, the villa became the meeting place of the most important personalities, the most famous of them the poet Giosue Carducci, linked by a deep friendship to the countess, who lived there 11 times between 1897 to 1906, the presence of the poet gave great prestige to the family and to the entire city of Cesena, to receive him there was always a room remaining prepared for him, as the last landowner Silvia donated the villa by will to the municipality of Cesena, as long as the chamber of Carducci was kept intact (which it is until today) and that the entire complex be used for beneficial purposes

Title Parts

[] Disperata "Sul caval de la morte". Canto e pianoforte
words Giosue Carducci
pub G. Ricordi, Milan 1889

[] Passa la nave mia. Canto e pianoforte
words Heinrich Heine, translation Giosue Carducci
pub G. Ricordi, Milan 1889

[] Che bella luna. Barcarolle. Canto e pianoforte
words Silvio Busnanti
pub Giovanni Ricordi, Milan 1889

[] Sogni e canti. Canto e pianoforte
words Enrico Panzacchi
pub Giovanni Ricordi, Milan 1889

[] Vignetta. Canto e pianoforte
parole di Giosue Carducci
pub Giovanni Ricordi, Milan 1889

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