Barradas, Juan Jose 22.jun.1868-1926 Mexico, Mexico City - Spain, Barcelona
pianist, cellist, conductor, 1885-1893 studied at Conservatorio Nacional in Mexico City, 1890-1902 professor at Conservatorio Nacional, 1908 he moved to New York, then to Europe where he gave recitals in London, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid, until 1911 he continued his musical study at Leipzig Conservatory, 1911-1914 studied composition with Paul Gilson in Brussel, 1914 when the Germans invaded Belgium he moved to Barcelona where he became piano teacher at the Conservatory, 1922 returned to Leipzig and 1923-1926 again piano teacher at Barcelona Conservatory

Title Parts

[] Leyenda sinfonica. Teatro del Conservatorio Nacional 30dec1901
[] Esther. Symphonic poem. Teatro Arbeu, Mexico City 1908
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