Barratt, John Purvior 21.may.1815-8.feb.1858 England, Oxford - Headington near Oxford
songwriter, the only composition that survived his own lifetime is his song 'When first we tread', 19.may.1825 he was re-registered as John Perver Barratt born 21.may.1815 in the parish of St Mary in Oxford and 24.aug.1826 baptized at St Clement in Oxford (because of the dissolve of the parish St Mary or a change of religion), 1845 pianoforte maker at 27 High Street in London Camden, 1858 residing at Observatory Street in Oxford and died (probably in a hospital) in neighboring Headington, 10.feb.1858 he was buried at Saint Giles Church in Oxford close to Observatory Street ; son of music seller John Barratt and Mary Anne 'Marian' ; 1843 in London Lambeth he married Caroline Ayers

[his name is consistently given wrong as John Purvoir Barratt]

Title Parts

[] Hail royal prince! Glee for three or four voices
sung at the Royal Tradesmen's dinner in honor of Her Majesty's nuptials 10 February 1840
the words by Tryphosa, the music composed expressly for this occasion by John P. Barratt
pub Edwin Ransford, London 1840

[] My bonny Jane. Ballad. London 1840
words by Mr. Edwin Ransford

[] O'er mighty water blue. Glee for three equal voices. London 1840
words Edwin Ransford

[] Killarney fare-thee well. Ballad
words Edward J. Gill
music with Edwin Ransford
pub B. Williams, London c1840

[] Love in a chalet, an Alpine ballad
the poetry from Dr. William Beattie's Switzerland
pub A. Fiot, Philadelphia c1840

[] Lorina. Canzonet
words H. R. Edgar
pub A. Fiot. Philadelphia c1840

[] Child of song. Ballad with an acct. for the piano and flute ad lib.
words Henry Robert Edgar
pub D'Almaine & Co., London c1840

[] The Gipsey's tent quadrilles, arranged for pianoforte. London 1841
[] The Sylph's invitation. Cavantina. London 1841
words Howard I. Gill

[] L'Echo du concert. New grand medley overture. Piano forte. London 1841
[] England our own bright star of the ocean. Song. London 1844
the words by J. T. Wheeler

[] When first we tread life's untried way. Song
words by the Revd. John Evans
pub D'Almaine & Co., London 1846
still in the catalogs of Augener & Co., London 1905

[] The Buffalo Hunters. Song or duet. London 1847
[] Fleur de Marie. Waltz for piano forte
in The Musical Bijou for mdcccxlvii (1847)

[] Oh! Maiden dear. Ballad. Bristol 1848
the poetry by E. F. D. Pritchard

[] Souvenir d'Ixelles quadrilles. Piano forte
in The Musical Bijou for mdcccxlix (1849)

[] The Chamois hunter's love. Tyrolerlied. London 1850
the poetry by Mrs. Hemans

[] The maiden's prayer. Song. London ?1850
the poetry by A. J. McDoual

[] The wanderer's adieu, one of the last effusions of the late Countess of Blessington (1sep1789-4jun1849)
pub Jaques & Brother, New York ?1850

[] La belle Russe. Morceau de salon pour le pianoforte. London 1853
[] As yet my heart's my own. London 1853
words W. H. Bellamy

[] L'Esperance. Valse cellarius. Piano forte. London 1853
[] Schottische de Printemps. Morceau de salon pour le piano forte. London 1854
[] The racehorse polka. Piano forte. London 1854
[] Storming song! What says the foe?. London 1855
words William Beattie

[] Home and friends. Ballad
words C. Swain
pub R. Cocks & Co., London ?1855

[] Norah Bann "O Norah Bann is the sweetest blossom". Song. London 1856
words B. S. Montgomery

[] A portrait hung in my childhood's home. Ballad. London 1857
wors C. Grey

[] When Tom left the village (The song of the sailor). London 1859
words by C. Swain

[] The Mulberry tree. Song. 1859
in Six favorite songs sung by Mr. G. Teddler

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