Barrett Ayres, Reginald 7.may.1920-4.aug.1981 Scotland, Aberdeen - Aberdeen
organist, musicologist, editor, BM with Donald Francis Tovey and Sydney Newman from Edinburgh University, 1942-1945 music teacher at the Quaker School in Ackworth and 1945-1951 at Glasgow Academy, 1951 teacher and 1956-1981 head of the music department at the University of Aberdeen, organist/choirmaster at King's College Aberdeen ; son of Frederick George Barrett Ayres (1889-29.dec.1972) canon of St Andrew's Cathedral Aberdeen and Agnes McIntosh (1884-1977)

Title Parts

[] Pityoulish. Choir and organ
[] Mass of inward consolation. Mixed choir and 2 organs. 1975
[] Elegy on Mary of Argyll. Clarinet. 1981
[] Glory be to God the Father. 4vv Choir and organ
[] Jubilate Deo. 4vv Choir
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